Model #16

"Sale Pending"

2000 16x76 American Homestar 3/2
"As Is" $24,995
Refurbished $39,995

2011 Oak Creek 16x80 3/2
"As Is"-$34,995
Refurbished- $49,995

2018 Southern 16x64 2/2
Refurbished- $54,995

Model #21


2014 Southern Estates
16x80 3/2
"As Is"-$55,995
"Refurbished"- $67,995

Model #22

*Sale Pending*

1997 Chandeleur
16x80 3/2
"Refurbished" $35,995

Model #23


2011 Giles16x80 4/2
"Refurbished" $54,995

Model #24


2021 Jessup 16x80 3/2
"As Is"- $69,995
"Refurbished"- $74,995

Model #26

2005 Adrian 14x60 3/1
Refurbished $41,995

Model #27

"Sale Pending"

2014 Clayton 18x84 3/2
"Refurbished"- $64,995

Model #31

2014 Clayton
16x76 3/2
"As Is"- $46,995
Refurbished $61,995

Model #33


1999 Carriage Homes 16x76 3/2
"Refurbished"- $41,995

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Buy a Home on a Budget

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